Photo Use

Although the photos through most of this site are relatively naturalistic, I have, during lockdowns (while exiled from the coastline), been learning to edit a little more thoughtfully.

I’ve been making minimalistic sea images that leave space for text and design. Each of these can be made portrait, square, or landscape in orientation. Some of these would have been part of a photography exhibition in Argyll this spring if not for the pandemic.

I haven’t, at the moment, got a plan for using these photos, so am open to approaches about making use of them – particularly from independent musicians looking for album artwork, from artisanal food or drink producers looking for labels, from independent bookshops/cultural organisations, or for noncommercial purposes I haven’t thought of. I’m not likely to give permission for them to be used more commercially than that (I have no interest in making money from them) and I’m not willing for them to be used without permission. Please do get in touch if you’d be interested in these being part of a project you’re working on…