I’ll be speaking at:

the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics conference ‘Expressing the Earth’ on the 15 June

Shetland Library on 9 July

Edinburgh International Book Festival (with Amanda Thomson) on 16 August at 4.

The Golden Hare, Edinburgh (with Dan Richards) on 16 August at 6.30

The Lighthouse Bookshop, Edinburgh on 18 September

Birmingham Book Festival; the Murenger Pub, Newport; various other bookshops and festivals (dates tbc).

The Frayed Atlantic Edge is a project I’d like to talk about at a wide range of venues – partly since it’s so much more visually interesting than my previous subjects – so please do get in touch if you’d like to organise an event. I’m strongly in favour of supporting independent bookshops and conservation groups so am happy to speak there at no cost, with no expenses.

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