Western Isles (323)-3

Although this is primarily a bibliography of the Atlantic coastlines of Britain and Ireland, it also includes texts (from Kamau Brathwaite’s writing on the inter-island waters of the Caribbean, to David Matless on the Norfolk Broads, or Astrida Neimanis’ hydrofeminism) which provide useful approaches for studying any islands, coasts and waters.

The bibliography contains all texts cited in The Frayed Atlantic Edge as well as others that are useful or beautiful (or both) when interpreting Atlantic coastlines. I’m hoping to continue building this bibliography: if you know good books/films/articles that aren’t listed here, please let me know: or @david_gange

Resources are divided into these sections:

  • Periodicals
  • Poetry
  • Film
  • Fiction/Plays
  • General non-Fiction
  • Ecological/Theoretical Frameworks
  • Language/Literature
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Ocean Ecology & Sealife
  • Shetland
  • Orkney
  • Western Isles
  • Inner Hebrides
  • Scottish Mainland
  • Irish Islands
  • Irish Mainland
  • Wales
  • Cornwall


Periodicals (print and online):



Roseanne Watt, Moder Dy/Mother Wave (2019)

Christine De Luca, Voes & Sounds (1994)

Wast wi Da Valkyries (1997)

Plain Song (2002)

Parallel Worlds (2005)

North End of Eden (2010)

Dat Trickster Sun (2014)

Jen Hadfield, Almanacs (2005)

— Nigh No Place (2008)

Byssus (2014)

T.A. Robertson, The Collected Poems of Vagaland (1980)

Robert Alan Jamieson, Nort Atlantik Drift (2007)

John Cumming (ed.), White Below (2010)

William Tait, A Day Between Weathers (1980)

Jim Mainland, Fuglicaavie (2018)

George MacKay Brown, Collected Poems (2006)

Sorley Maclean, From Wood to Ridge (1999)

Norman MacCaig, Collected Poems (2009)

Meg Bateman, Transparencies (2013)

Donald S. Murray, Between Minch & Muckle Flugga (2005)

— Praising the Guga (2008)

Weaving Songs (2011)

SY Story (2015)

Ian Stephen, Maritime (2016)

Caitriona O’Reilly, The Sea Cabinet (2006)

Kamau Brathwaite, Rights of Passage (1967)

Islands (1969)

Kathleen Jamie, Waterlight: Selected Poems (2007)

The Overhaul (2012)

The Bonniest Companie (2015)

Robin Robertson, The Wrecking Light (2010)

W.S. Graham, The Nightfishing (1955)

The White Threshold (1949)

Thomas A. Clarke, The Path to the Sea (2005)

Colin Simms, Otters & Martens (2005)

Mary O’Donoghue, Among These Winters (2007)

Isabel Galleymore, Significant Other (2019)

R.S. Thomas, Collected Poems (1993)

Collected Later Poems (2004)

Christine Evans, Island of Dark Horses (1995)

Growth Rings (2006)

Lynette Roberts, Gods with Stainless Ears (1951)

Moya Cannon, Carrying the Songs (2007)

Donegal Tarantella (2019)

Seamus Heaney, Wintering Out (1972)

— North (1975)

Fieldwork (1979)

The Spirit Level (1996)

Beowulf (1999)

Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin, Selected Poems (2008)

The Sun Fish (2009)

Sinead Morrissey, Parallax (2013)

On Balance (2017)

Michael Longley, Collected Poems (2006)

Derek Mahon, Collected Poems (2011)

Helen Dunmore, Inside the Wave (2017)

Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill, Selected Poems (1986)

The Water Horse (1999)

Selected Essays (2005)

Ruth Padel, The Mara Crossing (2012)

Waldo Williams, The Peacemakers (1997)

Richard Murphy, The Pleasure Ground (2013)

Seán Lysaght, Erris (2002)

David Lloyd, Arc & Sill (2012)

Leanne O’Sullivan, The Mining Road (2013)

James Harpur, The Dark Age (2007)

Ian Hamilton Finlay, Selections (2012)

Alan Riach, Birlinn Chlann Raghnaill: The Birlinn of Clanranald (2015)

Richard Hugo, The Right Madness on Skye (1980)

Isabel Galleymore, Significant Other (2019)

J.R. Carpenter, An Ocean of Static (2018)

Jones et al, The Adulterer’s Tongue: Six Welsh Poets (2003)

Norman Bissell, Slate, Sea & Sky (2007)

Kevin MacNeil (ed.), These Islands we Sing: An Anthology of Scottish Islands Poetry (2011)

David Lloyd (ed.) Imagined Greetings: Poetic Engagements with R.S. Thomas (2013)

Paddy Bushe (ed.), Voices at the World’s Edge: Irish Poets on Skellig Michael (2010)

Elizabeth Burnett, Swims (2017)

Rita Wong, Undercurrent (2015)

Caroline Bergvall, Drift (2014)

Meg Bateman (ed.), Songbook of the Pillagers (2007)

The Glendale Bards (2014)

Ronald Black (ed.), The Poems of Fr Allan MacDonald (2002)

Dressler & Stiubhart (eds), Alexander MacDonald: Bard of the Gaelic Enlightenment (2012)

Ian Grimble, The World of Rob Donn (1979)

Andrew Greig, The Loch of the Green Corrie (2010)



To Rona on a Whaler (1904)

Oliver Pike, St Kilda, Its People and Birds (1908)

Robello & Mann, St Kilda: Britain’s Loneliest Isle (1928)

Jay’s Screen Service, Cruise to St Kilda and the Western Isles (1929)

John Grierson, Drifters (1929)

Granton Trawler (1934)

Jenny Gilbertson, Crofter’s Life in Shetland (1931)

Seabirds in the Shetlands (1932)

Da Makkin o’ a Keshie (1932)

The Rugged Island: a Shetland Lyric (1933)

Robert Flaherty, Man of Aran (1936)

Michael Powell, The Edge of the World (1937)

Don McLachlan, Sea Road to the Isles (1937)

William George, They are Foresaken: A Tale of the Hebrides (1938)

Henry Watt, North Sea (1939)

Terence Bishop, Western Isles (1942)

Frank Sainsbury, Atlantic Trawler (1944)

Ian Dunnachie, Ardnamurchan (1950)

J. Morton Boyd, Scotland’s Isles of Seals (1954) (Shillay)

T.H. Thomas, Barra (1955)

Alan Harper, Life in the Orkneys (1957)

Anglo-Scottish Pictures, Enchanted Isles (1957)

National Trust, Off the Map (1958)

Fair Isle (1959)

William Guild, The Ben Barvas (1964)

Christopher Milne, St Kilda: the Lonely Islands (1967)

Laurence Henson, The Duna Bull (1972)

Michael Alexander, Norman MacCaig: A Man in My Position (1977)

Philip Hoare, The Hunt for Moby Dick (2009)

Allan Selukah, The Forgotten Space (2010)

Loic Jourdain, A Turning Tide in the Life of Man (2014)

Nick Higgins, Hidden Gifts: the Mystery of Angus McPhee (2014)

Neville Gabie, Afloat (2014)

Lucien Castaing, Leviathan (2012)

Risteard O Domhnaill, The Pipe (2010)

— Atlantic (2016)

Hynes & Cahill, Sea Kayak Around Ireland (2017)

Jamie Edmundson, Faith in Here (2017)

Eleanor Hamilton, Life on the Machair (2017)

Mark Jenkin, Bait (2019)



(there are lots of well known novels set on these coastlines, from Whisky Galore to the island noir of Ann Cleeves and Peter May’s, so the selection here is extremely personal)

Brian Friel, Translations (1980)

J.M. Synge, Riders to the Sea (1904)

John Graham, Shadowed Valley (1987)

Naomi Mitchison, Early in Orcadia (1987)

George Mackay Brown, Northern Lights (1999)

The Masked Fisherman (1989)

Winter Tales (1995)

Vinland (1992)

Beside the Ocean of Time (1994)

Magnus (1973)

The Island of the Women (1998)

Neil Gunn, The Silver Darlings (1941)

Morning Tide (1931)

The Grey Coast (1926)

Off in a Boat (1938)

The Well at the World’s End (1951)

Virginia Woolf, The Waves (1931) and everything else (for all the Cornish oceanic metaphor and imagery).

Iain Crichton Smith, The Black Halo (1979)

The Red Door (1973)

Norman Bissell, Barnhill (2019)

Malachy Tallack, The Valley at the Centre of the World (2018)

Cynan Jones, Cove (2016)

Liz Macrae Shaw, Love and Music Will Endure (2013)

Elisabeth Gifford, The Sea House (2014)

Hugh Lupton, The Assembly of the Severed Head (2018)

Donald Murray, As the Women Lay Dreaming (2018)

Elizabeth Gifford, Secrets of the Sea House (2013)

Ger Reidy, Jobs for a Wet Day (2015)

Before Rain (2015)

Ian Stephen, A Book of Death and Fish (2014)

Karin Altenberg, Island of Wings (2011)

Molly Aitken, The Island Child (2019)

Alasdair Campbell, Visiting the Bard (2003)

Duncan Williamson, Fireside Tales of the Traveller Children (1983)

Tim Robinson, Tales and Imaginings (2002)

Tom O’Flaherty, Aranmen All (1934)

Liam O’Flaherty, The Black Soul (1924)


General Non-Fiction:

The first two of these texts also appear elsewhere in this bibliography, but their significance is such that they’re also worth foregrounding here:

Tim Robinson, Stone of Aran: Pilgrimage (1989)

Iain Crichton Smith, Beyond the Human (1986)

James Hunter, On the Other Side of Sorrow (1995)

The Making of the Crofting Community (1976)

Set Adrift Upon the World (2015)

David Lloyd, Irish Times: the Temporalities of Modernity (2006)

Barry Cunliffe, Facing the Ocean (2001)

Helen Rozwadowski, Vast Expanses: A History of the Oceans (2018)

David Thomson, The People of the Sea (1954)

Woodbrook (1974)

Europe Between the Oceans (2011)

Celtic from the West (2010)

Tricia Cusack, Art and Identity at the Water’s Edge (2012)

Framing the Ocean, 1700-the present (2014)

Epeli Hau’ofa, ‘Our Sea of Islands’, The Contemporary Pacific (1994)

— ‘The Ocean is Us’, The Contemporary Pacific (1998)

Christina Thompson, Sea People (2019)

Alexandra Campbell, ‘Atlantic Exchanges: the Poetics of Dispersal and Disposal in Scottish & Caribbean Seas’, Journal of Postcolonial Writing (2019)

Michael Morris, Scotland and the Caribbean (2015)

Jon Henderson, The Atlantic Iron Age (2007)

Julian Vignoles, A Delicate Wildness: the Life and Loves of David Thomson (2015)

Bernhard Klein (ed.), Fictions of the Sea: Critical Perspectives on the Ocean in British Literature and Culture (2002)

Stephen Royle, A Geography of Islands (2002)

Frank Fraser Darling, Island Years (1940)

Island Farm (1943)

A Natural History of the Highlands and Islands (1947)

The Highlands and Islands (1969)

Seán Lysaght, Eagle Country (2018)

John Kerrigan, Archipelagic English (2008)

John Brannigan, Archipelagic Modernism (2014)

James Boswell, The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides (1785)

Kathleen Jamie, Sightlines (2012)

Allen, Groom & Smith, Coastal Works: Culture of the Atlantic Edge (2017)

James Hamilton-Paterson, Seven-Tenths: the Sea and its Thresholds (1992)

John Gillis, The Human Shore: Seacoasts in History (2012)

Islands of the Mind (2004)

The Shores Around Us (2015)

Philip Hayward, ‘Aquapelagos and Aquapelagic Assemblages’, Shima (2012)

Steve Mentz, Shipwreck Modernity (2015)

Mentz & Rojas, The Sea and Nineteenth-Century Anglophone Literary Culture (2016)

Stefanie Hessler (ed.), Tidalectics: Imagining an Oceanic Worldview through Art and Science (2018)

Anna Reckin, ‘Tidalectic Lectures: Kamau Braithwaite’s Prose/Poetry as SoundSpace, Anthurium (2003)

Stratford et al, ‘Envisioning the Archipelago’, Island Studies (2011)

Patrick Barkham, Islander (2017)

Madeleine Bunting, Love of Country: a Hebridean Journey (2016)

Peter Reason, Spindrift: a Wilderness Pilgrimage at Sea (2014)

In Search of Grace: an Ecological Pilgrimage (2017)

James MacDonald Lockhart, Raptor: a Journey through Birds (2016)

William Thomson, The Book of Tides (2016)

Robert Atkinson, Island Going (1949)

Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost (2005)

Wanderlust (2001)

A Book of Migrations (1997)

Tim Severin, The Brendan Voyage (1986)

Ian Stephen, Waypoints: Seascapes and Stories of Scotland’s West Coast (2018)

Alastair Moffat, The Sea Kingdoms (2001)

Clare Downham, Viking Kings of Britain and Ireland: the Dynasty of Ivarr (2008)

Orkneyinga Saga: The History of the Earls of Orkney, trans. Pálsson, Edwards & Paul (1981)

Graham Warren, Mesolithic Lives in Scotland (2005)

Fleet, Wilkes & Withers, Scotland: Mapping the Islands (2016)

Noble & Raven, Scottish Odysseys: the Archaeology of Islands (2008)

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Mary Miers, The Western Seaboard: an Architectural Guide (2008)

Philip Plisson, Celtic Coastlines (2007)

Lighthouses of the Atlantic (2002)

John Love, A Natural History of Lighthouses (2015)

Tony Parker, Lighthouse (1975)

Bella Bathurst, The Lighthouse Stevensons (1999)

The Wreckers (2005)

Alison Morrison-Low, Northern Lights (2010)

Lucian Boia, The Weather in the Imagination (2005)

Alexandra Harris, Weatherland (2015)

John Mack, The Sea: A Cultural History (2011)

Peter Davidson, Distance and Memory (2013)

David Matless, In the Nature of Landscape (2014)

Adam Nicolson, Atlantic Britain (2010)

Robert Macfarlane, The Old Ways (2012)

Landmarks (2015)

Bosker & Lencek, The Beach: A History of Paradise on Earth (1998)

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Elizabeth DeLoughrey, ‘Heavy Waters: Waste & Atlantic Modernity’, PMLA (2010)


Ecological and Theoretical Contexts:

Kleinberg, Scott & Wilder, Theses on Theory & History (2018)

Jane Bennett, Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things (2009)

Thoreau’s Nature: Ethics, Politics and the Wild (1994)

Astrida Neimanis, ‘Hydrofeminism: or, On Becoming a Body of Water’ in Undutiful Daughters (2012)

Bodies of Water: Posthuman Feminist Phenomenology (2017)

Astrida Neimanis & Rachel Walker, ‘Weathering: Climate Change and the ‘Thick Time’ of Transcorporeality’, Hypatia (2013)

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— Facing Gaia (2015)

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Lines (2007)

— ‘The Temporality of Landscape’, World Archaeology (1993)

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Marke Levene, ‘Climate Blues: or How Awareness of the Human End Might Restore Ethical Purpose to the Writing of History’, Environmental Humanities (2013)

Mandy Bloomfield, Archaeopoetics (2016)



For learning resources see the Languages tab.

Roger Hutchinson, A Waxing Moon: the Modern Gaelic Revival (2005)

Caoimhín De Barra, Gaeilge: A Radical Revolution (2019)

Sharon Macdonald, Reimagining Culture: Histories, Identities and the Gaelic Renaissance (1997)

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Literature of the Gaelic Landscape (2017)

Moray Watson, An Introduction to Gaelic Fiction (2011)

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An Tuil (The Flood): an Anthology of Twentieth-Century Gaelic Verse (1999)

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Amanda Thomson, A Scots Dictionary of Nature (2018)

Mererid Hopwood, Singing in Chains: Listening to Welsh Verse (2016)

Martyn Ford, For Wales, See England: Language, Nationhood and Identity (2014)


Sea Kayaking (& a little other paddling):

Alastair Dunnett, The Canoe Boys (under various titles, 1950 onwards)

Robin Lloyd Jones, Argonauts of the Western Isles (1974)

Brian Wilson, Blazing Paddles: a Solo Journey Round Scotland by Kayak (1989)

Dances with Waves: Around Ireland by Kayak (1998)

Margaret Wooster, Living Waters (2009)

Chris Duff, On Celtic Tides: One Man’s Journey Around Ireland by Sea Kayak (2007)

Jasper Winn, Paddle: A Long Way Round Ireland (2011)

Sarah Outen, Dare to Do: Taking on the Planet by Bike and Boat (2016)

It’s always worth looking at the Reel Paddling Film Festival pages too.


Ocean Ecology and Sealife:

Rachel Carson, Under the Sea Wind (1941)

The Sea Around Us (1951)

The Edge of the Sea (1955)

Linda Lear, Lost Woods: the Discovered Writings of Rachel Carson (1998)

Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature (2009)

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Anna Atkins, Cynatopes of British Algae (1843)

Adam Nicolson, The Seabirds Cry (2017)

Stephen Rutt, Seafarers (2019)

Philip Hoare, Leviathan, or the Whale (2009)

The Sea Inside (2013)

Helen Scales, Spirals in Time: the Secret Life and Curious Afterlife of Seashells (2015)

— Eye of the Shoal (2018)

Richard Girling, Sea Change: Britain’s Coastal Catastrophe (2007)

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Marcus Rediker, ‘History from the Below the Water Line: Sharks and the Atlantic Slave Trade’, Atlantic History (2008)

Peter Godfrey Smith, Other Minds: The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life (2016)

Sy Montgomery, The Soul of an Octopus (2015)

Bryan Nelson, The Gannet (2002)



Lynn Abrams, Myth and Materiality in a Woman’s World, Shetland 1800-2000 (2010)

Mark Ryan Smith, The Literature of Shetland (2014)

Brian Smith, Jakob Jakobsen in Shetland and the Faroes (2010)

Toons and Tenants (2000)

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The Western Isles:

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Unlike previous projects, it would have been impossible to do this work without buying most of the relevant books, many of which were only available from small coastal bookshops in the regions they cover. So one unforeseen effect was the transformation of my house into a coastal library. This involved building big bookshelves into the living room walls, acquiring driftwood for furniture (on which to put the seaweed-inspired Isle of Harris gin), and filling every cupboard with maps, documents and pamphlets, until there are few places into which the ocean hasn’t seeped (especially with the garage now full of kayaks). That all means there’s an extensive Atlantic coast resource hidden away in the English midlands – if you’re researching the west coasts and would like to pop in, do get in touch.


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