The Project

In July two years ago, I set off to kayak from Shetland to Cornwall over the course of a year. The idea was to travel slowly and close to the water: in touch with both the natural world and the histories of communities on Atlantic coastlines. I spent as much time in coastal archives as in the boat, gathering coastal stories and learning what Britain and Ireland look like from the western edges. The result is a book published by Harper Collins in July 2019.


The purpose of this website is to provide resources to complement the text. The book contains 40 photographs and 12 maps, but many more audiovisual records of the journey were created while undertaking it. This site therefore includes galleries of photos taken on each stage of the journey (matching up to the chapters of the book and including some of the detailed maps frpm the book itself), while there are also links to media coverage, such as an appearance on BBC Breakfast TV before the journey started.

I kept a blog while travelling, and links to those posts can be found in each photo gallery (none of the material in the blogs, except a few photos, is reproduced in the book). The other tabs above will take you to resources ranging from an extensive bibliography to information about how to get into sea kayaking.

These resources are intended to help readers of the book sustain their immersion in the Atlantic waters of Britain and Ireland, getting as immediate a sense as possible of what it’s like to do several things: kayak through rough weather…

Uist (26)

…spend night after night exposed to the elements on beaches or coastal mountains…

Morvern (35)

…and wake up to find yourself embedded in the sea’s rich life…


I hope you enjoy exploring.

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